Reservation for Thanksgiving Lunch/Dinner

Lee's on Riverstreet at The 1907 and The Pub @ The 1907 Upstairs


The 1907 Story

Well! There are a lot of them, stories that is, but we like people to know or think that The 1907 is the name of the building. So named because it was completed in 1907. That may not be totally true but it is pretty close, so we will stick to it for now at least. Some say it was the year the previous owners Grandmother was born. Others think it was when the first ghosts where rumored to exist.

Apparently there are 4 ghosts: 2 children and 2 adults You can hear the kids playing sometimes running around and laughing (or is that just the kitchen equipment at work). The adults don’t know each other and are around at different times. The man will follow you up the stairs when it is quiet at night (or that may just be old stairs creaking). The female apparition is seen in the event room, especially on stormy nights (It also might be the lights from the parking lot across the street being affected by the trees waving in the wind).

Regardless, the building is referred to as The 1907 (or the 07 as the locals call it).  In this building is the 'Lee’s on Riverstreet Restaurant' which offers Nice casual dinning. Next door to Lee’s is a great clothing boutique called Kristina Lees, which has great stuff for the ladies.   Upstairs we have The Pub @ The 1907 Upstairs. This is a traditional British Pub ‘where everybody knows your name’ .  Also upstairs we have the Event Facility @ the 1907. for Wedding rehearsal dinners, reception, parties, large family dinners, etc. 



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