​The Pub @ The 1907 Upstairs

The Pub @ The 1907 upstairs is a little bit more upscale from your regular bar or tavern and is based on British Country Pub culture rather than the city pubs that tend to be more like Taverns. 

Pubs, British pubs especially, are places where you go regularly to meet friends and hang out.  “Where everybody knows your name”, an expression made popular by the television series Cheers, some years back.  In Britain they are often considered the community center, a place that you go to find out what is going on around your town.

Its a place where you and your friends meet after work and before you go out for the evening to the theater or a party or even another restaurant (And often stop back on the way home from those occasions). Its also a great place to view the "game". While we are not a sports bar we do have a bunch of TVs for your viewing pleasure. 

This Pub has a popular balcony facing River Street. You can relax and watch the world go by and enjoy your favorite beers on tap as well as try some really good British beers. Of course we have a wide range of whiskeys, wines and other "beverages". 

Like nearly all British pubs, you have to go to the Bar to get your drinks and, if interested in some pub food, place your food order.  The food will be brought to wherever you are  sitting but, unless it is a slow evening, you will likely have to carry your own drinks.   Why is this you must ask:  Well!  It's how we keep the price down so you can come in more frequently but most importantly it also serves as a way of getting you meet the other guests at the bar. You always make new friends at a Pub. 

This pub has a different menu to Lees on Riverstreet, just downstairs. Like most true British Pubs it comprises of inexpensive, tasty but fairly simple food that you consume  because you are hungry, rather than for entertainment. There are cold cut sandwiches, chicken salad, salads, Scotch eggs, British pies  and other cold foods served with Chips and Hot Soups.  On days when the 1907 is not terribly busy, there will also be hot meals, like traditional Fish and Chips, Bangers and Mash, as well as Shepherds pie. 

The Pub has soft seating (Sofas and comfortable chairs) so you can hang-out. You can play Darts and Shuffleboard in the main bar area and, as it gets colder,  indoor Corn-holing will be available.